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Welcome ❤️ We've launched our open beta on 29th of september

We are now in open beta! 🥳🎉

Finally, after a long time of development, we are now in open beta. You can now register and create your own tutorials or discover new projects. We hope you enjoy the platform and we are looking forward to your feedback.

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Hashat is a platform for micro electronic projects. If you have a cool micro-electronic project that you want to share with the world, you can create a tutorial on Hashat and share it with the community. You are also able to see the results from the community and discover new projects.

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Picked by our team
Make your own thermometer

by Kurt

Picked by our team
Zugangsberechtigung mit RFID

by Ole Pistole

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Hashat - Discovery Page


On the discover page you can find all the tutorials that are shared by the community. You can filter the tutorial by category and sort them by popularity or date. We will also publish our favorites on the homepage.


Find a lot of tutorials on Hashat. You can learn how to build a robot, how to create a smart home or how to build your own remote controlled car.

Hashat - Discovery Page

Hashat - Tutorial Finished


When you finished a tutorial you can share your result with an image and a short description on the community page. Other users can see your result and can react to it.


With our easy to use editor you can create your own tutorial in no time. You can add images, videos, code snippets and more. Just add some steps and you are ready to publish your tutorial.

Hashat - Tutorial

Hashat - Collaborators


You are able to work together with other users on a tutorial. You can invite other users to your tutorial and they can edit steps or add components to the tutorial.

Made with by Kurt, Oskar and Ole in Germany and New Zealand